The Last Sci-Fi Blog: Why to Feel Optimistic About the Future of ‘Star Trek’

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It’s not always easy to be a Star Trek fan. To fully appreciate the first two seasons of the original series, you need to endure the third season. In order to get to the good stuff in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, you have to power through the early episodes. The films have also offered their fair share of pain, with Star Trek Into Darkness and Star Trek: Nemesis shaking the faith of even the most hardened Trekkies.

But right now, in the year 2016, in the 50th anniversary of the entire franchise, I feel really good about being a Star Trek fan. The best part of this feeling is that it feels like the best is yet to come.

On one hand, I’m still riding high on Star Trek Beyond, a movie that managed to blend the core tenets of Star Trek…
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