The Last Horror Blog: ‘Suspiria,’ ‘Halloween,’ ‘The Demonologist’ and More

Behind-the-scenes Suspiria video is awesome – We don’t have a Blu-ray release date for Luca Guadagnino’s Suspiria yet, but we do have this awesome new video showing how prosthetics artist Mark Coulier created some of the film’s most gruesome effects. Check it out below, and check back for more details about the film’s home video debut, which is surely on the horizon.

(Note: SPOILERS in video below.)

John Carpenter up to write another Halloween score – Look, we’re getting another Halloween at some point. While a sequel hasn’t been officially announced, I’d bet my house and car that Blumhouse is hard at work figuring out Michael Myers’ next kill campaign. And though nothing is official yet, at least one guy…
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