Next 3 Long-awaited Sequels: ‘The Girl in the Spider’s Web,’ ‘Mary Poppins Returns,’ ‘Zombieland 2’

Jamie Lee Curtis returns as Laurie Strode in David Gordon Green’s Halloween (above), a sequel that arrives 40 years after John Carpenter’s classic original. Defying modest expectations, the low-budget thriller earned the best opening weekend in the history of the horror franchise, taking in an estimated $77.5 million at the box office; critical reaction has been favorable as well.

Halloween picks up 40 years after the events in the original, ignoring everything that happened in all past sequels. Still, that’s not even the longest lapse in years between an original and a sequel to be released this year! We look into more long-awaited sequels below.

‘The Girl in the Spider’s Web’

Created by author Stieg Larsson in a trilogy of mystery novels…
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