Patty Jenkins Might Direct Margot Robbie in ‘Barbie’; Here’s Everything We Know

Barbie is finally ready to hit the big screen. Yes, we’ve seen plans for a movie based on the iconic doll for a few years now, including incarnations that were to star Amy Schumer (cast in 2016) and Anne Hathaway (cast in 2017), but the latest development sounds more promising than ever.

Firstly, according to The Hollywood Reporter, there is an update on the studio that’s working with Mattel on the project. Warner Bros. has taken over from Sony, which let its deal for a Barbie movie fall through and revert back to the toy company.

Secondly, Margot Robbie, who already has one iconic role set up at Warner Bros. — DC’s Harley Quinn — is now in talks to star in the movie, which she would also produce through her company, LuckyChap.

Here’s everything…
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