New ‘Hell Fest’ Trailer Goes Full Red-Band; Here’s Everything We Know

Amusement parks and carnivals are great settings for horror movies. Visitors are already vibing on the excitement of the attractions; past fright flicks like Final Destination 3, Zombieland and The Funhouse added layers of extreme anxiety — and fear of death! — to the adrenalized experience.

Tapping into that anxious feeling, the upcoming horror thriller Hell Fest is set at an amusement park where the scares become real. Read onward to learn all we know about the film and then watch two trailers that will make you jump, either for joy or out of genuine panic.

What’s it about?

Three friends can’t resist the lure of a traveling attraction known as Hell Fest, so they head there with their boyfriends. They fully anticipate a night of fun and (probably) mild frights as…
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