Villain Identified in ‘Birds of Prey’; Here’s What We Know So Far

Margot Robbie will reprise her Suicide Squad role as Harley Quinn (above) in the upcoming Birds of Prey. Robbie will also serve as a producer. Her character is very much her own woman; smart, strong and sassy, she does whatever she feels is best for herself in any particular moment. So it should be exciting to see her lead a project that’s been described as a “girl gang movie.”

If Harley Quinn and her friends are to be the more heroic characters, then who will dare to be the villain who stands against them? We have details about that, along with everything else we know, below.

First, who are the Birds of Prey?

In DC Comics, the superhero Black Canary first appeared in 1947. She has often teamed up with other heroic crime fighters through the years. She began a…
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