‘Overlord’ Trailer Teases a World War II Zombie Movie; Here’s Everything We Know So Far

Ahead of Comic-Con, where we expected it to drop, Paramount has unveiled the first trailer for the Bad Robot production Overlord. It’s the first R-rated release from J.J. Abrams’ company, best known lately for surprise deliveries of Cloverfield movies, and we can easily see why that is. Already, we’re getting clear glimpses of gory Nazi zombies here.

The trailer starts off like it’s a normal World War II drama, albeit the kind with lots of action and explosions. But soon enough, we see the real horror of Overlord, and it’s not the usual wartime terrors. The Nazis are experimenting with either prisoners or dead bodies, either way resulting in some nasty super soldiers of the supernatural kind.

Check out the trailer…
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