New ‘RoboCop’ Sequel Coming From ‘District 9’ Director; Here’s Everything We Know

Four years ago, MGM attempted to reboot the RoboCop franchise with a remake starring Joel Kinnaman. That wasn’t too big a hit, at least not domestically, so now instead of continuing from that movie, the studio is going back to the beginning. According to Deadline, Neill Blomkamp (District 9) will helm a direct sequel to the 1987 original.

There was rumor earlier this year of a possible RoboCop that would continue from the very first movie, and now this is confirmation. Titled RoboCop Returns, the sequel will be based on a screenplay written in the 1980s that was never produced. As it turns out, the election of Donald Trump as president was an inspiration for revisiting that old script.

Here’s everything we know about the RoboCop sequel:

Did the 2016…
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