Lucasfilm Boss: Lando Calrissian Will Get the Next ‘Star Wars’ Spinoff

So … not Obi-Wan?

“Solo: A Star Wars Story” opens in theaters May 25, and it’s been getting mostly positive reviews. Donald Glover’s Lando Calrissian has earned almost universal praise, continuing the Lando love Billy Dee Williams started back in 1980 with “The Empire Strikes Back.”

“Solo” screened during the Cannes Film Festival, and Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy seemed to announce the next movie. Here’s what she said, via Premiere France:

“We think that the next spinoff will be dedicated to Lando Calrissian. Of course, there are still many stories to tell about Han and Chewbacca, but Lando will be next.”

Han Solo actor Alden Ehrenreich has a three-film contract with Lucasfilm, so we’re expecting more from him. There’s also been talk — for a long time now — of an Obi-Wan spinoff for Ewan McGregor. There was even talk that Obi-Wan’s standalone was next. But it sounds like Lucasfilm wants to strike while the iron is actually hot and go directly into a Lando spinoff.

Kennedy didn’t share more details — like a start date or film premiere date. More details, and maybe clarifications, will come later.

[Via: ScreenRant]

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