Today in Movie Culture: ‘Gremlins’ Fan Film, Luke Skywalker Death Theory and More

Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for movie culture:

Fan Film of the Day:

While we wait for an official third Gremlins movie, the Christmas-set fan film Gremlins Recall is pretty darn satisfying:

Fan Theory of the Day:

For Film Theory, MatPat attempts another Star Wars prediction by explaining how Luke Skywalker will die:

Movie Science of the Day:

Speaking of Star Wars, here’s Kyle Hill with a scientific explanation of how you would build a real X-Wing fighter:

Fan Build of the Day:

Also speaking of Star Wars, here’s a stop-motion video of a fan pretending to build the Lego TIE Silencer ship using the Force (via Geekologie):

Vintage Image of…
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