Trailer Buzz: ‘Early Man,’ ‘The Current War’ and ‘Jungle’

Today’s new trailers take us through a history of man:

Early Man

We begin with the dawn of civilization as the Stone Age clashes with the Bronze Age. The latest animated feature from Nick Park, creator of Wallace and Gromit, is about a caveman (Eddie Redmayne) trying to save his tribe from the more advanced humans led by an evil ruler (Tom Hiddleston). Don’t look for historical accuracy at all; do look for a lot of fun British stop-motion comedy. See Early Man in theaters beginning on February 16, 2018.

The Current War

Next we have the dawn of electricity, as man changed civilization forever just ahead of the 20th century. In The Current War, Benedict Cumberbatch portrays Thomas Edison while Michael Shannon is George Westinghouse in…
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