‘The Accountant’ Director Tapped for ‘Suicide Squad 2’

In the summer of 2016, Suicide Squad introduced a new team of antiheroes to the DC cinematic universe. It proved to be a rip-roaring popular success, earning more than $745 million at the box office worldwide. Director David Ayer soon began working on a spin-off project, Gotham City Sirens, that would revolve around Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), leaving the inevitable Suicide Squad sequel in the hands of a director to be named later.

Reportedly, the candidates included Mel Gibson, Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland), Daniel Espinosa (Life) and Jonathan Levine (Snatched). In July we heard that Jaume Collet-Serra (The Shallows) was the front-runner for the job, but a short while later he dropped out of consideration, instead deciding to direct Disney’s action-adventure movie Jungle…
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Christian Bale Gained Weight & Bleached Eyebrows to Play Dick Cheney: See New Look

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He’s at it again! Christian Bale’s body may want a break from all of the weight fluctuating for various roles, but an artist is an artist.

Bale famously lost 70 pounds for “The Machinist,” and also lost weight to play a heroin addict in “The Fighter,” which earned him an Oscar. He packed on 30 pounds of muscle weight as Batman, and gained enough weight to earn a pot belly for “American Hustle.” Now he’s back on the larger end of the spectrum for “Backseat.” In the film, Bale will play former Vice President Dick Cheney. He’ll also reunite with his “The Fighter” and “American Hustle” co-star Amy Adams, who’ll play his wife Lynne Cheney. Sam Rockwell plays former President George W. Bush, with Steve Carell as Donald Rumsfeld, and Bill Pullman as Nelson Rockefeller.

“Backseat” is scheduled to begin filming this month. Bale, 43, showed off his new dyed eyebrows and heavier frame at the Telluride Film Festival, where he was premiering another movie, “Hostiles.”

Here’s a photo from “Hostiles,” showing Bale’s very thin physique, contrasted to his Cheney look for “Backseat”:

Christian Bale’s brutal Western #Hostiles has become the biggest festival title without distribution. See why here: https://t.co/0ElWzKhjJ4 pic.twitter.com/thSmo1K5qY

— IndieWire (@IndieWire) September 7, 2017

Christian Bale, is that you?
Lagi-lagi Bale ngelakuin transformasi ekstrim dgn naikin berat badannya 30kg untuk film Backseat #KAMUSOZZER pic.twitter.com/yp9OHFbsrr

— D’OZ RADIO BALI (@d_ozradiobali) September 7, 2017

Christian Bale shows off transformation for Backseat https://t.co/9vCSjJaCcF

— invtrade (@InvtradeNet) September 6, 2017

Christian Bale plumping up for next role https://t.co/t2DYj46SO6 #ChristianBale #Backseat pic.twitter.com/uXiQEkP0Yu

— Poppy Kulture (@poppykulture) September 6, 2017

Christian Bale, Gary Oldman.
Telluride 2017 pic.twitter.com/atnHijEomj

— Elynne Preston (@EvlynPrestonW) September 4, 2017

“Backseat”‘ is being written and directed by Adam McKay, who worked with Bale on “The Big Short.” The focus will be on Cheney. “I’ve always found Cheney fascinating,” McKay told Deadline. “Questions of what drove him, what his beliefs were. But once we started digging, I was astounded at how much he had shaped modern America’s place in the world and how shocking the methods were by which he gained his power.”

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Movie News: ‘Purge 4’ Title, Plot Details Revealed; Will Smith Shares First ‘Aladdin’ Cast Photo

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The Purge 4: James DeMonaco, who wrote and directed the first three installments in the Purge series (above on the set of The Purge: Election Year), says that the next movie is currently titled The Purge: The Island. DeMonaco is writing the prequel, which revolves around “the first experimental Purge” when all crime is declared legal. He says it will be set on Staten Island. Gerard McMurray will direct the movie, scheduled for release on July 4, 2018. [Vulture]

Aladdin: Will Smith (above in Suicide Squad) shared a photo from the first day of shooting on Disney’s live-action Aladdin (below), featuring himself (the Genie) with Mena Massoud (Aladdin), Naomi Scott (Princess Jasmine) and Marwan Kenzari (Jafar). Navid Negahban, Nasim Pedrad, Billy…
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Today in Movie Culture: Terminator vs. Predator, the Biggest Problem With ‘Wonder Woman’ and More

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Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for movie culture:

Mashup of the Day:

Terminator 2: Judgment Day didn’t do too well in its 3D re-release, but you can bet Terminator vs. Predator would be huge. Here’s what it could look like:

Casting Rendering of the Day:

Warner Bros. wants Leonardo DiCaprio to play the Joker in an origin movie, so BossLogic shows us what that could look like:

Some messing around with @leonardodicaprio as #joker with @comicbook, I think I went too scary…. XD (rumours are rumours) pic.twitter.com/i9ir3jdcOI
— BossLogic (@Bosslogic) September 2, 2017

Fan Theory of the Day:

Now that summer’s over, MatPat of The Film Theorists raises an issue about the…
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