The 5 Hottest ‘Star Wars’ Toys Arriving in Stores on Force Friday

Fans will be hitting stores this week for Force Friday II, the special Star Wars event marking the debut of tons of cool new merchandise. Not only will this be a chance to see characters and vehicles introduced in Star Wars: The Last Jedi (including through augmented reality), but a lot of this stuff will also be fun to play with. Here are the toys we’re most excited about:

Sphero Droids

The hottest item from Force Friday a couple years ago was the remote control BB-8 from Sphero, and now we’ve got his evil counterpart. Resembling a black BB-8 with a different-shaped headpiece, the BB-9E also has LED lights. Another thing we’ve learned about the droid is that on set he was nicknamed BB-H8. Here he is with BB-8 and a cool new R2-D2 toy…
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