Neill Blomkamp Teases a Bunch Of Potential Sci-Fi Movies With a Cryptic Trailer

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It’s weird that short films aren’t a bigger thing in the digital age. Who needs any minimum length for movies when they’re mostly being watched online? And how is it shorts aren’t more popular at a time when people seem to have less free time and lower attention spans? Netflix has been successful with the occasional documentary short, including the recent Oscar winner The White Helmets, but surprisingly they’re not also banking on short fiction works outside of Disney collections and other kiddie fare.

Appreciation for shorts could change soon enough, however, as Disney’s Pixar is going back to experimental animation projects like those the studio started with 30 years ago. And now Neill Blomkamp has retreated from feature filmmaking to also…
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Tom Holland Is Fancasting Chris Pratt In HIs Own ‘Uncharted’

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Uncharted the video game is about the treasure-hunting adventures of Nathan Drake, a man in his 30s, and Sully, his grey-haired mentor. Uncharted the movie, however, is going to be about a much younger Nathan Drake, who we recently learned will be played by Tom Holland. And apparently the switch was Holland’s idea.

Movie studios love to cultivate ongoing relationships with their big stars. Holland is anchoring Spider-Man: Homecoming for Sony, who owns Uncharted. Naturally studio head Tom Rothman asked Holland about what else they could work on. That’s when Holland, who would have been a young teen when the first Uncharted came out, pitched them the young Nathan Drake idea that director Shawn Levy (Real Steel) is now moving forward with.

That’s not the only idea…
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