‘Arrival’ Arrives Home, Plus This Week’s New Digital HD and VOD Releases

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Our resident VOD expert tells you what’s new to rent and/or own this week via various Digital HD providers such as cable Movies On Demand, Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, Google Play and, of course, Netflix.

Cable Movies On Demand: Same-day-as-disc releases, older titles and pretheatrical

Masterminds (comedy; Zach Galifianakis, Owen Wilson; rated PG-13)

Boo! A Madea Halloween (comedy; Tyler Perry, Cassi Davis; rated PG-13)

Queen of Katwe (drama; David Oyelowo, Lupita Nyong’o; rated PG)

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (action sequel; Tom Cruise, Cobie Smulders; rated PG-13)

American Violence (action-thriller; Bruce Dern, Denise Richards; premieres 2/3 on cable MOD and in theaters; not rated)

War on Everyone (action-comedy; Alexander Skarsgard, Michael Pena…
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Ellen DeGeneres Uses ‘Finding Dory’ to Tear Down Trump’s Wall Plans

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If you thought “Finding Dory” was just a cute family movie, think again.

After hearing that Donald Trump screened her film “Finding Dory” at the White House over the weekend, Ellen DeGeneres used the film to comment on the president’s immigration policies without actually discussing them. She revisited aspects of the film’s plot, while making it very clear how she feels about the wall and recent travel ban. You’d be surprised by how well the film applies.

“Dory arrives in America with her friends Marlin and Nemo,” DeGeneres said. “She ends up at the Marine Life Institute behind a large wall, and they all have to get over the wall. And you won’t believe it, but that wall has almost no effect in keeping them out.”

She continued, explaining that Dory ends up in a situation where she’s alone in America and she needs help. Luckily for her, the other animals are willing to help her.

“They help her, even though they’re completely different colors, because that’s what you do when you see someone in need — you help them,” DeGeneres said.

The message might not have gotten across at the White House, but DeGeneres’s audience definitely loved it.