How to Watch a New ‘Star Wars’ Movie This Summer

While the world anxiously awaits more information on Star Wars Episode VII, now due to hit theaters on December 18, 2015, we busy ourselves by obsessing over every casting rumor and plot rumor because, ya know, it’s healthy and whatnot. But Star Wars fans will be happy to know they don’t need to wait till December of 2015 to watch new Star Wars content. Nope, Disney is readying its animated series Star Wars Rebels for a fall 2014 debut on Disney XD, and now there’s word we’ll get to see a taste of Rebels even sooner.

According to a recent shareholder letter, Disney’s Bob Iger said the plan for Star Wars Rebels is similar to the one for the animated Clone Wars in that Disney is going to launch the show in the form of a movie that will air on the Disney…
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